The "Graphene and Nanotubes: science and applications" ("GNT") group is a national research group (GDR 3217) and an international coordination network (GDRI) cross-linking research on nanotubes and graphene.  Its scientific activity is based on three vital and emerging research themes, which develop knowledge of basic properties of individual nano-objects as well as their manipulation for developing devices linked to the industrial and socio-economical world.  The group gathers French, European and Canadian partners who have played a major role in the activities of the previous GDR, and to which are added scientists of international reputation working on graphene.

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Nanotechnology in Carbon and Related Materials


We are pleased to announce NanoteC14
at Hotel ‘Le Plaza' in Brussels from 20-23rd August 2014.

Conference deadlines:
Abstract submission deadline: Sunday June 15th 2014
Early registration deadline: Sunday June 15th 2014
Room reservation at special conference rates: Friday 18th July 2014

For fifteen years the NanoteC conferences have brought together scientists working in carbon science at the nanoscale: nanotubes, fullerenes, nanohorns, graphene, nanowires, sp3 forms, etc. While each of these materials attracts its own dedicated community of researchers, NanoteC draws on common themes and allows researchers to share insight into this unique element at the nanoscale. NanoteC also provides a platform to explore wider issues in nanoscience such as toxicology and science communication.

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The annual International Conference on Manipulation, Manufacturing and Measurement on the Nanoscale (3M-NANO), which is held in 2014 on 27-31 October in Taipei, Taiwan http://3M-NANO.org.
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